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CLEARx Business Performance Optimisation System


CLEAR Profit systemFuture Vision Strategies is the South African Licensee for CLEARx Profits & Business Turn Around System

Present & Future Dangers and Opportunities 5 Greatest Threats To Rapid Business Growth v6

The CLEARx Challenge Introduction

If we are going to thrive and flourish, in an ever-changing and increasingly complex world, we need to RETHINK our strategies, systems and visions. It’s clear from our past results that we have managed to create a business world founded on win-lose…beating the other person into losing, so we can win. Making our staff lose – so the people in leadership positions can win!

We typically use and abuse staff as expendable pawns in a game of business-bullying and shows of force, in the name of self-important glory-seeking madness. It’s time to get CLEAR of this insanity. We need

  • different MINDSETS that are agile, flexible, resilient, innovative and synergistic
  • new perspectives and positive approaches that support all stakeholders
  • different HP Organisation Culture that embraces technology, innovation and rapid-change

Slaves, Serfs or Super Stars

Many people give most of their life to serving their executive masters, only to be left with an insignificant pension/savings, upon which they will stake their remaining years of desperate financial struggle. It’s CLEAR that the mechanics and Greedership of past business practices leaves 80% of participants in physically stressed and financially in dire straits.

It’s time to create a new world of work where people can achieve their potential, be happy at work and have magic, mastery and meaning as part of their experience in the new world of work. A POSITIVE, APPRECIATIVE, place for LIFEWORK.

Engagement is dismal

Stress and pressure are at an all-time high. Business competition is constantly increasing. Change is the new norm. Conflict and corporate politics negatively contaminate cultures and contexts, to the point where almost 80% of people would prefer to be somewhere else, other than their workplace!

Imagine that…around HALF of your staff are looking to leave your organisation if the right opportunity came along. Your talent retention is just about useless if you are relying solely on money as the carrot to stay in a crappy workplace!

Clear Foundations1Leadership is Missing – Greedership is Prevalent.

Meaning is missing. Money is meagre. Management are moaning, and valuable visions have vanished behind the corporate drive of purely financial greedership…no matter what the costs to the environment, heads, hearts or Souls. We need a new MINDSET.

From my past work with the International Society for Performance improvement (ISPI) as a Human Performance Technologist (HPT) – I know we have to create a new world of work.

This is the foundation and starting point for POTENT Team Building, Developing Staff Engagement, GO Mindsets and Leadership Effectiveness for greater Happiness@work and a high performance Organisational Culture

For CLEARx  Liscencing in other Countries, Tony Dovale of can be contacted on 083-447-6300